The NWP Family

Elizabeth Hewitson - Paralegal

Elizabeth Hewitson graduated from the Paralegal Program at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario. After graduation, she re-located to Thunder Bay where she took work as a Paralegal. During her time in Thunder Bay, she opened a firm but has since left to explore different opportunities. She specializes in Highway Traffic Act matters and appears in the Provincial Offences Court on a regular basis in the Northwest region. She also provides assistance in the areas of small claims, landlord and tenant matters and all other provincial offences matters as a licensee of the Law Society of Ontario. She obtained certification from Osgood Hall Law School in Provincial Offences Court Practice. She is now providing legal services for Criminal Code charges as well. She is committed to providing excellent legal representation to her clients.

Kayla Cavner - Office Adminstrator and Manager

Kayla Cavner is our office administrator. She is a graduate of the Office Administration Program at Confederation College in Thunder Bay and successfully completed her program at the top of her class. She is a master multi-tasker and has a keen attention to detail. Kayla is the frontline for Northwest Paralegals and always strives to assist our clients the best way she can. She is dedicated to providing excellent service with a friendly and welcoming attitude.